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Play CBD

Head over to the 'Games' tab to play CBD. Read the post below for some general damage control. My twitter account is @atAmpersatKritz - send feedback and comments there if you want. And remember: stuff is absolutely broken.

test 'n stuff

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just making sure I can insert more of these things without the site breaking.

Citizen Burger Disorder

Public super-alpha build

Hey dudes, I've gone ahead and made the most recent build of CBD publically 'playable' on my site. Keep in mind, this game is not at all finished. Like, there's a solid year and a half MINIMUM of development time left. Stuff is going to change, I'm going to remove features, and add new ones, and at this point it's safe to say nothing is set in stone. I may, and probably will, dramatically change stuff in this game over the course of development. That's how game dev goes, y'all. Especially a game development cycle from one dude. Oh, and the multiplayer is completely whack. For testing purposes I didn't let players create different servers. So, first player to join the game while there's no server running? Creates the server. That server is up until they disconnect. So, you might not even be able to play the game if someone's hosting a shitty server. I'll change this sometime later next week, if I get the time. Oh, speaking of time. I'm a full time uni student. CBD is a hobby project that I play to EVENTUALLY take full time, if I can get the money to do so. So, don't expect super regular updates. And expect stuff to break. Shit breaks all the time. ALL THE TIME. You guys wouldn't believe. Anyway, cool, have 'fun' playing the broken mess that is the current build. This website is under some kind of development so pages might not load, or take you to weird places. I haven't done web dev in years so bare with me here. Regards, Kritz